International Short Film Competition — results

© Synthol, reż. Piotr Trojan, fot. Gosia Stasiewicz

This year, 20 Polish and foreign productions have been qualified for the International Short Film Competition, and today we know who the winners are. The jury composed of: Lidia Duda — director, Michał Walkiewicz — film critic, Julia Wyszyńska — actress, decided to award the prizes and honourable mentions to the following films.

The official sponsor of the prizes in the International Short Film Competition is MAKonLine Ubezpieczenia.

— The First Prize of PLN 5000: “Synthol” (dir. Piotr Trojan) for a small cinema of great paradoxes: ironic and empathetic, unpretentious and full of cultural contexts, effective in form and intimate in mood; in a word, for a treasure chest of films in which everyone will find something for themselves.

— The Second Prize of PLN 3000: “Venus of Wilendorf” (dir. Zuzanna Grajcewicz) for a laugh that gets stuck in the throat and irony that allows fear to be tamed; for a dystopia in which we do not have to take our word for it and a story about the body of which we are the protagonists.

— The Third Prize of PLN 2000: “A Dead Marriage” (dir. Michał Toczek) for an impressive scriptwriting concept, directorial precision and acting freedom in a story of fake war and serious love.

The sponsor of the honorary mentions in the International Short Film Competition is MJ2 Team Managers.

— The Honorary Mention for “Night” (dir. Ahmad Saleh) for its visually impressive tale of loss, grief and the truth that always holds the promise of a new beginning.

— The Honorary Mention for “Fermata” (reż. Benoit Ouellet) for a miracle that has not happened before: a fine combination of the home invasion and feel good movie genres.

The sponsor of The Agatka Modrzejewska Award for the best cinematography is The Agatka Modrzejewska Foundation.

— The Agatka Modrzejewska Award of PLN 4000 for the film “Skowyt” (dir. Bartosz Brzeziński) for repainting multicoloured fears, hopes and passions on monochrome film goes to cinematographer Max Bugajak.

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