The results of the selection for the International Short Film Competition — BNP Paribas Two Riversides — 16th Film and Art Festival

BNP Paribas Dwa Brzegi — Foto © Krzysztof Wójcik

We present the productions qualified for the BNP Paribas Two Riversides International Short Film Competition. The competition will present 20 Polish and foreign productions, which we have selected from the submitted entries. The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony of the Festival.

Every year the competition is very popular among filmmakers and presents feature films, documentaries, experiments and animations. It is a panorama of young cinema, in which both independent authors and Polish and foreign film schools are represented. We recommend your attention to this point in the program, because, as the experience of past editions shows, during BNP Paribas Two Riversides you can watch the first productions of directors who will soon decide the shape of modern cinematography.


Ann’s Pub | CH | dir. Thabea Furrer | documentary | 25’59”
— Ann spends her life behind the counter of a pub in an Irish town. But who is she really?

Blaga | PL | dir. Michał Wojtasik | feature | 18’22”
— The year 1914. Witkacy returns to his fiancée Jadwiga, whom he left in the care of his friend Karol Szymanowski.

A Dead Marriage | PL | dir. Michal Toczek | fiction | 18’35”
— Filip, a professional extra, on the set of a historical film meets Lucy, with whom they play a dead marriage.

Delicje | PL | dir. Bartosz Izdebski | fiction | 20’08”
— Railway station. The last 15 minutes before friends split up.

The Dreamer from Zorzor | PL | dir. Rafał Skalski | documentary | 15’30”
— 19-year-old Ballah helps his father in a tailor shop and dreams of becoming a famous soccer player.

Funeralia | PL | dir. Bartłomiej Błaszczyński | fiction | 14’58”
— K. wins a competition for the best gravedigger, but the organizers consider the victory as undeserved.

The Howling | PL | dir. Bartosz Brzeziński | fiction | 30’00”
— Kuba grows up in a village where one day his old acquaintance appears.

La Galerie | CA | dir. Loup-William Théberge | experimental |11’05”
— During a night visit to a museum, a woman embarks on a journey between reality and unreality.

Get Home Safe | DE | dir. Tamara Denić | fiction | 13’13”
— Maya, a volunteer for the Way-Home-Phone emergency line, accompanies Lea back home.

I sharing | PL | dir. Natalia Sara Skorupa | documentary | 13’18”
— Three generations, Christmas Eve and the main character’s attempt at comming out.

It’s a Very Pretty Picture | PL | dir. Jakub Ciosiński | documentary | 29’50”
— The life of a three-generation family in the context of love failures and relationship-building problems.

Light Years | EN | dir. Monika Proba | documentary | 27’34”
— Vitali always wanted to become a priest. There is only one thing left for him, according to the rules of the Orthodox Church he has to find a wife.

Night | PS | dir. Ahmad Saleh | animation | 15’57”
— Night brings peace and sleep to all the residents of a city at war.

Out of Water | PL | dir. by Gracjana Piechula | fiction | 13’47”
— Zosia, a hearing child of deaf adults, along with her dad, starts a fight to participate in her dream swimming competition.

Pandas in Love | DE | dir. Elena Pilar Nyffeler | fiction | 15’00”
— An unfortunate accident at the zoo leads to the meeting of a golf course employee and a panda breeder.

Point d’orgue | CA | dir. Benoit Ouellet | fiction | 09’20”
— In an isolated cabin surrounded by unscathed snow, a man delves into his childhood memories.

The Road | PL | dir. Edyta Wróblewska | fiction | 30’00”
— A wedding in Mazury, at night. Agata decides that she will return home without her boyfriend.

Sincerity | PL | dir. Adam Porębowicz | feature | 30’00”
— Four friends on the doorstep of adulthood spend a day together in the absence of their parents.

Synthol | PL | dir. Piotr Trojan | feature | 24’13”
— Erik is a vlogger documenting his preparations for his bodybuilding debut. He is helped by his overprotective mother.

Venus of Willendorf | PL | dir. Zuzanna Grajcewicz | fiction | 22’37”
— Kamila lives in a world where being overweight guarantees success in all fields of social life.

— actress Julia Wyszyńska;
— documentary film director Lidia Duda;
— film critic and journalist Michał Walkiewicz.

— 1st place — 5000 PLN, 2nd place — 3000 PLN, 3rd place — 2000 PLN. MAKonLine Insurance is the sponsor of the statutory prizes;
— The Agatka Modrzejewska Award for the best cinematography — 4000 PLN; sponsored by The Agatka Modrzejewska Foundation;
—2 honorable mentions of PLN 1000 each, sponsored by MJ2 Team Managers.

Please be informed that the program of film screenings in all sections of the Festival will be available on our website from July 15. Online ticket sales will begin no earlier than July 20.

BNP Paribas Two Riversides — 16th Film and Art Festival takes place from July 30 to August 7, 2022 in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec nad Wisłą. We encourage you to follow our newsletters.

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